Cloud Computing and New Paradigms in IT Solutions

Cloud computing is becoming the most tremendous standards that help to serve large scale IT solutions for on-demand computing services as needed by applications to storage and processing data into information under a certain infrastructure of internet as well as intranet. The most exclusive perspective for IT industry is taking advantages of maximum resource of providers but at most effective by cost and help them access the excessive storage, processing powers, fast infrastructures that we once only available for large scale enterprises only. Besides to spend money on traditional resources to build limited access infrastructure IT companies are now slide their workloads to the cloud based architectures, providing by public cloud services offered by vendors in market or through establish a private clouds built by enterprises at their own.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

It has been around about two decades that Cloud computing exists in computer based infrastructures and regardless of the data pointing to the business competences, cost benefits and advantages it holds over the old way of business. The cloud based infrastructures help their users to manage their cost based on the pay as you go basis strategy offered by their service providers that why the users are not pay for those services which they are not using. The organizations which are adopting cloud based solutions they are not worry at security of data by computer systems hacking or virus attack because they cloud service provider takes the full responsibility of data security on its end. A big plus for enterprises is to switch between the plans easily and quickly and run their solution at best of combination of resources at best by cost as well. Their solutions work under a quality setup where they are coverup under disaster recovery plans to make sure the consistency of data and information.

Enhance the Ability to Achieve Business Targets

Cloud computing always remain to increase the affordability by cost elasticity and optimal utilization of resources that help organizations to achieve their goals and targets. Here are some areas where cloud computing is used:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Private cloud and Hybrid cloud
  • Test and development of softwares
  • Big data mining and analytics
  • Large amount of files storage
  • Unpredictable disaster recovery
  • Backup and fragmentation of data

Importance of Cloud Computing in Coming Time

Cloud Computing is changing the way the business maintaining their IT infrastructure whether it is about maintain the upto date resources or to manage cost to run the business IT solutions. Cloud Computing help to increase the growth of IT services solutions, storage capacity, enhanced internet quality, overcome issue of quality assurance to run business processes. One of the main concepts of blockchain will empower the Cloud Computing where cryptography provides a full range of tools and technologies to regulate the economic system in a decentralized way. The further development in cloud computing will result in bringing the massive and positive changes by socially, environmentally and economically.

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